Digital Clock LED Watch

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Updated 2018-07-22
Version 2.1
APK Size 5.4 MB
Requires Android 3.0+

Change your Android device with a nice clock design.
"Digital Clock - LED Watch" is a new style digital clock for your screen.
This is free and highly customized live wallpaper.

Have you ever wanted to have a perfectly designed modern "digital clock" which displays accurate time and date? You're at the right place! We have created an amazing digital clock app which will take all your worries away! 

Download "Digital Clock - LED Watch" and get something special for your Android device! Make your phone screen look fabulous with this stylish "digital clock" for Android. If you like to customize your phone screen with live wallpapers, this is a fancy app that is designed in such a way that it will perfectly match any wallpaper background you choose. 
Decorate your phone screen with digital time and date clock and be proud of having the best-looking home screen.