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Updated 2018-08-05
Version 1.0-PRO-2018-08-05
APK Size 1.9 MB
Requires 4.1+

DiskDigger Pro file recovery is the life-saving app that recovers any lost file on your Android device.

One of the worst feelings in the world is the feeling you get when you mistakenly delete important documents or permanently format your memory card or hard drive by mistake. Fortunately, DiskDigger Pro is now available and it offers you the definitive solution to this problem.

DiskDigger Pro has a powerful data recovery system that is able to look deep into your device’s memory and recover any documents, photos, videos, music or any other file that you might have lost. It will look through your memory card and your phone’s internal memory, until there is nothing left to search, and undelete your most precious documents.

From that point on, you can upload all your recovered files to cloud platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox or send them via email, so you’re sure to keep a safe copy of your important documents.

Note that DiskDigger Pro only fully completes its job if the phone is rooted. It can run a “limited” scan for lower-resolution versions of your old photos but other files will only be recovered if the phone is rooted.

DiskDigger is able to recover these file formats: JPG, PNG, MP4 / M4A / 3GP / MOV, GIF, MP3, AMR, WAV, TIF, CR2, SR2, NEF, DCR, PEF, DNG, ORF, DOC / DOCX, XLS / XLSX, PPT / PPTX, PDF, XPS, ODT / ODS / ODP / ODG, ZIP, APK, EPUB, SNB, VCF, RAR.

Losing your important files forever is a problem of the past. You can now trust DiskDigger Pro to save all your deleted documents and recover everything you lost.